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Planet TV Studios’ New Frontiers, Produced by Christian Alain, Highlights Show on ERG Materials and Aerospace

Planet TV Studios’ New Frontiers, Produced by Christian Alain, Highlights Show on ERG Materials and Aerospace

New Frontiers is a riveting show that investigates advanced aerospace companies that are reshaping the aerospace domain. New Frontiers is an academic TV series in short documentary form to be featured on television and on demand digital platforms available worldwide.

Planet TV Studios New Frontiers

OAKLAND, Calif., August 2, 2021 ( – The ERG Materials and Aerospace show, presented by New Frontiers, is scheduled to broadcast later next month on national TV and is currently accessible on other digital applications such as Roku, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other multiple on-demand streaming platforms.

ERG Materials and Aerospace has been constructing and manufacturing a signature material known as Duocel® since the 1960s. Duocel ® is a foam design manufactured from carbon, ceramic, and metal that have become omnipresent in defense, space, and commercial aerospace industries. Its Duocel® foam products and solutions are engineered as energy absorbers in military vehicles and gear that shield and save soldiers’ lives, as a thermal management device to cool significant landing electronics in the European Space Agency’s Exomars Lander, or as immensely important engine parts in Pratt and Whitney’s revolutionary geared turbofan, limiting fuel consumption and engine.

Planet TV Studios’ New Frontiers, Produced by Christian Alain, Highlights Show on ERG Materials and Aerospace

ERG Materials and Aerospace has specialized in customizing Duocel® to solve a broad range of complications in subtle customer applications. The foam can often meet several capabilities outside the main application of the material; such as, a light-weight Duocel® foam structural panel can also lower sound and lower vibrations at the same time. ”Duocel® and our proprietary manufacturing methods have positioned us to deliver the best, and most customizable, open-celled, solid ligament metal foams on the market,” says Director of Engineering Denver Schaffarzick.

ERG Materials and Aerospace strives to join its leadership in ingenious elements where weight and performance are critical parameters that will facilitate innovations. The organization is also growing possibilities for the maritime market in its struggle to control ocean pollution and global warming and the commercial space industry to ensure more effectual satellite communication. Undoubtedly, ERG Materials and Aerospace is devoted to a pioneering philosophy into the forthcoming frontier.

New Frontiers is a riveting series that uncovers advanced aerospace firms that are reshaping the aerospace market. New Frontiers is an academic TV series in short documentary form to be showcased on cable and on demand digital platforms available globally.

Planet TV Studios delivers cutting-edge, real-life, TV series that features useful, meaningful up-dates on the most important subjects currently taking place in areas most beneficial to our existence. Planet TV Studios is a prominent content creation agency which has developed numerous films, television, documentaries, commercials and docudramas.

For more info about ERG Materials and Aerospace, visit​​.

For more information about the series call Christian Alain at 888-210-4292 x100 or visit

Planet TV Studios’ New Frontiers, Produced by Christian Alain, Highlights Show on ERG Materials and Aerospace

5 Easy Facts About Space Travel Described

Virgin Galactic currently has 650 people signed as many as fly on its automobile, which include musician Justin Bieber and actor Leonardo DiCaprio, but whilst only obtainable towards the wealthy and famed for now, there is hope this kind of flights could sooner or later be much more very affordable for most of the people. Yesterday’s flight wasn’t only about bragging rights. Suborbital flights also enable for critical scientific do the job being carried out way too.

Virgin Galactic has long been promising to acquire clients on shorter sub-orbital hops into space – wherever passengers get to working experience rocket propulsion and a number of other minutes of weightlessness, right before gliding back again to a runway landing on the planet, all for $250k (£190k).

Previous Nazi rocket researchers had been later on recruited by both The us and Russia (often at gunpoint inside the latter circumstance), where by they were instrumental in developing Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) – rockets capable of carrying nuclear weapons from one particular side from the Earth to the other.

Nonetheless whilst acquiring a good quantity of criticism, Branson’s flight heralds a important phase toward making space travel extra accessible than previously prior to-even if it does just appear to be a plaything for the whole world’s richest men at this time.

What does this necessarily mean for time travel? Nicely, In line with this principle, the a lot quicker you travel, the slower you knowledge time. Scientists have completed some experiments to point out this is accurate.

Moreover, They could seem like superheroes, but they choose only the dietary supplement, Vitamin D. Considering the fact that they are not getting a lot more Sunshine and therefore are not eating lots of fresh fruits or greens, these people have a continue to be healthier.

Plainly most science graduates find yourself Operating in shady business places like Defense, Pharma, Agro, Bio Tech, where by they plot with their capitalist backers on how to invent a thing that will at some point threaten the planet. For each and every scientist carrying out worthy work, there are actually in all probability one hundred who do what greed asks them to.

Gagarin’s flight resonated around the globe; it had been an indication in the advanced Soviet space method and it opened an entirely new era in space exploration: human spaceflight. Very first astronomical overall body space explorations[edit]

Despite the tragedies of Space Shuttle Challenger, and afterwards Columbia, exactly where the entire world is shocked into remaining reminded on the inherit potential risks of sitting on 1 million gallons of rocket gasoline, or re-moving into the earth’s ambiance at 1,870 miles for each hour. Most of us see space flight as mundane because the vast majority of space flights considering that Apollo eleven, happen to be primarily conducting seemingly routine scientific experiments.

It has the sixth situation while in the list of wonderful information about space travel. Quite a few brave astronauts participated and provided their lives after they travel into space.

“I feel It truly is excellent, I feel you’ll need some momentum, and remaining aggressive is kind of Element of the process,” he told ABC Information. “We predict overall, that is a constructive system.

Brown additional: “Branson, Bezos and Musk are probably widening human use of space, but this widening is probably going to emphasise the pretty wealthy.

Space exploration is the future. It satisfies the human urge to take a look at also to travel, and in the yrs and a long time to come back it could even give our species with new areas to connect with household – Specifically suitable now, as Earth gets significantly crowded.

Additionally it is among the list of astounding info about space travel. The mission of your Space Shuttle cost far too much and offered as well small. Usually, space travel is undoubtedly an action of government.

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