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Planet TV Studios and Christian Alain Tackles the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health and Dependency With the Progressive Professionals Behind the Healing Springs Ranch

Planet TV Studios and Christian Alain Tackles the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health and Dependency With the Progressive Professionals Behind the Healing Springs Ranch

Planet TV Studios features the compassionate science utilized at the Healing Springs Ranch to help patients recover from substance dependency.

TIOGA, Texas, October 12, 2018 ( – Opened in 2016 under the direction of Melissa Caldwell Engle, Clinical Director, MS, LPC, ATR and Rachel H. Graham, President, MBA, the Healing Springs Ranch offers an Integrated Addiction Model to uncover the cause of addiction rather than simply pacify symptoms.

Removed from the cold, sterile environment of a clinic, the Healing Springs Ranch is not what one might expect from a residential treatment center. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Tioga landscape, there are few more peaceful places to take on deep, emotional work away from the distractions and temptations of normal life. The center is nestled on 50 acres of lakefront views north of the Dallas metroplex. Directions here.

President of Healing Springs Ranch, Rachel H. Graham, knows firsthand the struggles faced by those with substance dependencies. She observed the fluctuating states of well-being in a family member who battled unresolved trauma and mental health issues. What struck Graham as particularly counter-productive in her relative’s treatment was the focus on symptoms over identifying the starting point of the addiction.

The Healing Springs Ranch uses an Integrate Addiction Model (IAM) to learn the “function” of an addiction as opposed to only treating the “behaviors” of addiction.

Regardless of what a person can accomplish in the short term of a personal retreat, once someone returns to the pressures of daily life, a substance dependence is likely to resurface. Without understanding the cause, the seed of the addiction, little progress is truly made. No matter the addiction, whether it’s alcohol, drugs, shopping, pornography, gambling, etc., all these substances and activities fill in the void left by unprocessed trauma and/or emotional pain.

Christian Alain Planet TV Studios

Start a New Life Today. Call (866) 647-4606.

The staff of Healing Springs Ranch is focused on treating all aspects of a person in order to replace the addiction with healthier habits. Clinical Director Melissa Caldwell Engle applies her 25+ years of experience treating trauma and addiction following the development of the Trauma Model to help patients map out what happened to trigger their perceived need for the false, temporary comfort of their addiction.

Planet TV Studios features Healing Springs Ranch as it sets itself apart from other contemporaries through providing refined psychometrics which, in turn, render heightened treatment efficacy.

Patients at the Healing Springs Ranch learn how to address underlying mental health issues which reinforce their addictions. They receive pre- and post-treatment reports which attempt to measure mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. Using their model of uprooting and thoughtfully processing past trauma, the Healing Springs Ranch has seen impressive results; like with Mary who said, “I walked into their office a shattered mess and walked out a whole person.”

There has been a reduction in the reported incidences of recurring cycles of addiction following the therapy available at Healing Springs Ranch. Their unique, personalized approach to addressing each individual’s different array of chemical, psychological, and physical circumstances has rendered unprecedented recoveries from addiction. For more information about Healing Springs Ranch, visit or call (844) 443-2577.

New Frontiers is a compelling TV series which explores cutting-edge treatment centers for substance addiction such as Healing Springs that are shaping our nation’s treatment centers.  New Frontiers is a  series in short documentary form to be featured on TV and on-demand TV.

Planet TV Studios produces cutting-edge, real-life, television series that feature insightful, meaningful updates on the most important business, medical and social responsible topics currently taking place in the areas most important to our lives. Planet TV Studios is a leading content creation company successful in films, television, documentaries, commercials, infomercials, music and docudramas.

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Christian Alain Planet TV Studios

AASECT give a summary of Licensed intercourse therapists and counselors who endorse intercourse-beneficial therapy and analysis-dependent assist.

Obtain responses for your questions on addiction and material use Diseases prepared by foremost psychiatrists.

Polydrug use will involve the usage of 1 kind of material with Yet another. This is commonly finished to accentuate the results of a specific drug or attain a much better substantial.

Tooth and gum disorder. Cigarette smoking is connected with an elevated hazard of creating inflammation on the gum and a significant gum an infection that will damage the assist method for tooth (periodontitis).

When somebody succumbs on the grip of the addiction, it is incredibly challenging to Stop by themselves. Comprehending how a material abuse issue develops helps you to lose gentle on why They may be so tough to conquer.

Some Health care gurus and counselors feel that pornography in by itself isn’t problematic, but that it’s the likely to be so, with regards to the human being’s viewpoint or their lover’s.

Team and unique therapy will proceed by way of an outpatient application. Some time put in outpatient classes may differ drastically over the individual as well as their recent predicament immediately after finishing inpatient addiction cure.

An addiction is a lot more than simply an intensive fascination in a thing. It’s a health care affliction that improvements the Mind and the human body and triggers the individual to come to feel compelled to carry on utilizing a material or partaking within an exercise, regardless if doing this might induce damage.

You will find a rising recognition that numerous addicts, which include polydrug abusers, are hooked on multiple compound or method.

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Infertility and impotence. Cigarette smoking enhances the possibility of lowered fertility in Females and the chance of impotence in Males.

It is common for someone to relapse, but relapse does not imply that treatment method doesn’t perform. Just like other Persistent well being situations, cure need to be ongoing and will be altered depending on how the individual responds. Cure designs should be reviewed typically and modified to suit the affected person’s modifying demands.

Drug addiction is actually a Continual disorder characterized by drug looking for and use that’s compulsive, or tricky to Command, inspite of unsafe repercussions.

An addiction generally is a means of blocking out hard problems. Unemployment and poverty can bring about addiction, in conjunction with anxiety and psychological or Qualified stress.

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